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In 2010, I wrote:

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This was my first real book and I put a lot hard work into it, but in retrospect and from what I learned about sourcing and footnoting during my Masters’ program, I now see why this book and its follow-on from the same publisher had received negative criticism. But, still … it is a good book in my opinion, despite what my detractors say. Copies of it can be found on http://www.amazon.com at:

This is a comprehensive illustrated history of PT boats in World War II. The author, a lifelong student of PTs, briefly describes the pre-war experimental boat designs to give the reader a lead in to the war-time boats. He then covers the four classes of PT boats in service with the USN in World War II, describing the differences from boat to boat in detail.

Every weapon system used on board US PTs in WWII is described and discussed, from machine guns to rocket launchers. For the first time in any great detail, the author gives a history of the six known all gun gunboats which were converted from PTs (three Elco and three Higgins) and has both drawings and photos of these gunboats (including John F. Kennedy’s PT-59).

Model-builders will appreciate the drawings that contain actual color chips for the various camouflage systems applied to the boats. There are also many color photos to aide modelers in painting accurate paint schemes. The author also discusses and identifies each of the radars used on PT boats in the later stages of the war.

A substantial chapter on operational experience discusses how PT boats were used in every theater of war, from Pearl Harbor to D-Day and beyond. Finally, the author provides the fate of every PT boat that now survives.

One hundred forty-eight photographs and drawings, full color interior.

The follow-on to this book was one which was done at the behest of the then Naval Attaché to the Italian Embassy in Washington DC. It was on the Regia Marina’s torpedo boats known as MAS Boats.

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The book describes every MAS boat built and operated by the Italian Navy during the First World War, the inter-war years and the Second World War. There are seventy-four images including eight in color. In researching this book, the author drew on the assistance of the former Naval Attache of the Italian embassy in Washington, DC, and the Italian naval archives.

The Naval Attaché was quite helpful, he supplied with much information and many photos for the book. He even sent me a two-volume set of books on the history of the craft. The only problem was, the books were in Italian! But, I soldiered on and got it done. Copies of the book can be found on http://www.amazon.com at:

Readers have said, “As a WWII torpedo boat fan I was excited about this book. It covers one of the forgotten combatants of WWII. I found it interesting and informative not only about the development of the early boats but of the Italian tactics. It was a nice departure from the usual info on American and German boats. Writing style is easy and reading moves along quickly. The photos are good. I recommend this book as an addition to all torpedo boat enthusiast’s library.” And, “This book has been very helpful for my research about some aspects of the Regia Marina, it covers the MAS boats subject from a comprehensive perspective, technical information, pictures and plans and is written in plain English language. I’m Looking forward to read other works of the author.”

Both of these books have ebook versions.

A copy of the MAS boat book is in the Italian Navy’s Museum’s Library.

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