About T. Garth Connelly, The Myth, The Man … The …

I am T. Garth Connelly … I am a “fifty-something” author and historian. I was first published in 1994, by Squadron/Signal Publications, for which I wrote for until 2009.  Since 2016, I’ve been what’s known as an “Indie Author”, someone who self-publishes their own books. It is the easiest way to get published. When I’m not writing books, I can be found on iRacing.com, racing. I collect scale plane and ship models, and I am an avid reader. My two most favorite authors are Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel and Clive Cussler.

Whereas I started out to be, and hoped to be seen as a naval and military historian, I now just want to be seen as, primarily as a novelist, a poet and an observer of human interaction. Examples of those genres can be seen in my last three books:

Readers of this autobiography have said, “Tim shares his compelling life story viewed through the eyes of adulthood. As a young man Tim overcomes physical challenges and achieves academic and professional success. His story is told through anecdotes of loyalty and betrayal, love and heartbreak and ultimately triumph. “The Woman Who Understands” is truly an inspirational reading. As a bonus, if you attended Central Ct. State in the late 70’s, Tim provides a walk down “memory lane” visiting many people and places of your formative years.”

Another reader said, “I just finished T Garth Connelly’s memoir, The Woman Who Understands. This is the compelling story of a severely disabled man’s struggles and triumphs as he endeavors to approximate a “normal” existence among his able-bodied peers. There are lots of ups and downs as he navigates the uneven terrain of both college life, and romantic relationships. You can’t help but fall in love with the author’s principal Muse, Donna. Their mutual devotion is a thing of beauty. The story is full of hope, love, anger, humor, frustration and in-your-face honesty. I have read two previous books by this author and I’m so glad he gave us this window into his soul.”

A man is going through his late father’s estate and finds a unpublished memoir on his father’s computer. The man prints some of the document and reads it. He discovers a lot about his father which he never knew and realizes that his father led a honorable life and had an undying love for his mother. THE BAMBI is the story of an young and dashing naval officer named Tom Clarke. It follows his life from his experiences at a northeastern prep school in the mid-1930s to his experiences at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland from the mid-1930s to the late-1930s and his experiences in the southwest Pacific during World War II as the skipper of a PT boat.

A collection of poems, written about a love and about feelings. One reader of this book has said, “An excellent collection for any poetry lover to read, filled with thought provoking and often romantic prose. Well done, Mr. Connelly.”

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