Clive Cussler

The other day, I learned that one of my favorite authors (Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel is my favorite author), Clive Cussler passed away. I never told anyone about this, but a few years ago, he co-authored a novel called THE BOOTLEGGER. I read it and enjoyed it a lot, so I emailed his co-author named Justin Scott. I told him how much I liked it and asked him if he could maybe help me get THE BAMBI (then called A LIFE REVISITED) published and I signed it T. Garth Connelly.

Surprisingly, he responded (within minutes). The first thing he said was that he couldn’t help. And, the second thing he said was a question. He asked me if I was the T. Garth Connelly who wrote 110′ SUB CHASERS IN ACTION. Why did he ask that? And, to have a famous author like him ask me that just blew me away. Apparently, the both of them had used that monograph as a reference for THE BOOTLEGGER. In it, they had the USCG using a 110′ Sub Chaser that they acquired from the Navy after the First World War.

As a thank you, Clive autographed his THE ASSASSIN for me. And, back in the early 1990s, Clive actually wrote me a few handwritten letters because I had written him and told him that I had read all of his books and I wanted to be an author like him.

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